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Flaky Fred

Why is this website here?

It’s here because I won an old pair of work boots in a game of Pontoon. What! You don’t know what Pontoon is? (Pontoon is a game of cards similar to Blackjack) Anyway I won these boots, and these boots once belonged to Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Now we all know about Brunel don’t we? .......... Good, well he wore these boots at the grand opening of the first Wibbalsham Underground Barge Transport System in 1803.

So I’ve got these boots, and couldn’t decide what to do with them. So I decided to advertise them in the Wibbalsham Weekly News and asked for offers. I was contacted by a little old lady named Miss Bluegate, she asked if she could see the boots as she was sure she knew something about them. Well it turned out her father Raymond Bluegate was the son of Gerald Bluegate, and Gerald Bluegate was the boy who got kicked up the backside by Brunel at the grand opening after asking him “Do you have a long pointy head under that huge hat you always wear?”

Miss Bluegate asked me how much I wanted for the boots, but being the gent that I am I decided to let her have the boots for free. She was over the moon and said “But young man I must give you something, how would you like to have my old website about knitting string vests?”

So here we are I got an old String Vest website for a pair of boots worn by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and turned it into Flaky Fred’s website.

So what's this website about?

One thing for sure it’s not about String Vests, I have given it a complete makeover and removed all the string vest pages and started adding my own.
So far I have added a Home Page, Contact Form, Image Gallery, oh yes and this About Page. I may add more, but I'm not sure yet.

I can assure you it’s not going to be that interesting, and it’s not going to be a blog, so don’t expect regular posts. …………………………… Eeerm ……………… It’s eeerm, let me think for a moment ……………………………. Fred twiddles his thumbs for approximately 12 minutes.

OK hang on I’m reading “How To Make A Great About Page For Dummies” ………. Oh I didn’t know that, did you know The Dummies Series was first published in 1991 and its title was DOS For Dummies.

Yes as you can see I don’t have a bloody clue what this website is about.

Who is Flaky Fred?

Now that is an interesting question, Flaky Fred was born in CENSORED! on CENSORED! he was educated at CENSORED! and went on to have a succesful career as a CENSORED! His work led him to meet some very influential people who encouraged him to CENSORED! After spending a lot of time at CENSORED! where he met CENSORED! Oh bloody hell Fred stop censoring everything!

Today Fred is CENSORED! Oh Bollocks. Fred was once known by many but is known by few.

Hang on! why the hell am I still reading this rubbish?

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Testing Testing: Oh how nice I've got a couple of stickers for my website Miss Bluegate will be happy
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