You Just Couldn't Leave It Alone Could You.

I don’t know what you were expecting to find by coming to this page. You obviously don't understand the word private; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this would you.

Let’s try and make it easy for you shall we? Imagine you have an old biscuit tin that has always been in your possession since you was a teeny weeny little person, now imagine as you went along your merry way through your life you collected some trinkets. You then stored all those little trinkets in your biscuit tin for your own future personal reference, those trinkets are now part of your private stash.


Now you may at some point want to show your buddy one of your trinkets but you don’t want him to see all of your other private stuff. So you tell him that your biscuit tin is Private and he should not look inside, you then take the things out that you want to show him but you don't expect the little bugger to just help himself do you.

Fred's Tin

When someone tells you that something is private, don’t you think it would be good of you to respect their wishes? You can’t just go around peeking at things that don’t belong to you, and if you continue to live your life that way you will only end up regretting it.

Oh come on are you still reading this?

Sod off will ya, I told you this was a private area and asked you to respect my wishes didn't I. How would you feel if I came around and started sniffing around in your biscuit tin?

OK as you persist in reading we are now faced with two options:
#1 You can go back to the bit's I'm happy to share by going HERE!
#2 You're nothing but a nosy sod and still want to see something private. Go on then take your pick HERE!